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MoodleCloud Standard Plans (10)

Self-support and product details for Standard plan subscriptions at your fingertips

Support (6)
  • Contact the MoodleCloud Team
  • MoodleCloud Support Services
  • Change or reset my MoodleCloud password
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Getting Started (10)
  • Choose your MoodleCloud site name and URL
  • Installing plugins on MoodleCloud sites
  • Log in to the MoodleCloud Portal
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Configuration (11)
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Plans & Billing (23)
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File Storage (8)
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Users (2)
Video Conference (5)
  • Access BigBlueButton on MoodleCloud
  • BigBlueButton Troubleshooting
  • BigBlueButton video conferencing on MoodleCloud
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Features (4)
  • Exam proctoring/restrictions on MoodleCloud
  • MoodleCloud site updates
  • Use H5P in MoodleCloud
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Policies (6)
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Mobile App (1)
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Moodle App (4)

Common questions, subscription plans, and insights on the Branded Moodle App

General questions (6)
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Moodle App Plans (14)
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Branded Moodle App (11)
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Troubleshooting (2)
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Moodle Academy (1)

Your go-to resource for mastering Moodle and exploring the MEC program

Training (3)
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Standard Moodle LMS (4)

Start here for answers to your questions on using Moodle or contributing

About Moodle (8)
  • Stay up to date with Moodle news and releases
  • How to support and contribute to Moodle
  • How to create a Moodle plugin
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Getting Started (7)
  • Is the Moodle App free to download and use?
  • Difference between Moodle Workplace and Moodle LMS
  • Moodle Demo sites
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Setup and Support (6)
  • Assistance to set up and configure your Moodle site
  • Support and services by Moodle HQ
  • Learn more about Moodle LMS
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Troubleshooting (4)
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Moodle Certified Partners (1)

Explore the pathway to becoming a Moodle Certified Partner and enhance your services

Applications (1)
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Community (1)

Discover how you can actively participate in the vibrant Moodle Community

Community (2)
  • How do I join the Moodle community?
  • How can I contribute to Moodle?
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MoodleMoot (1)

Dive into all things MoodleMoot, including details on our global events

MoodleMoots (7)
  • What is a MoodleMoot™?
  • When and where are MoodleMoots™ held?
  • How do I attend a MoodleMoot™?
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Moodle Shop (1)

Get the answers to your queries on shipping, taxes, refunds, and more

General questions (4)
  • Shipping and delivery in Moodle Shop
  • Refunds and Exchanges for Moodle Shop purchases
  • Are Moodle Shop orders subject to taxes?
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