How MoodleCloud Support and Moodle Certified Service Providers can assist MoodleCloud site owners:

  • To keep MoodleCloud as affordable as possible, and to continue to grow and develop the MoodleCloud service, we offer a range of free resources: 
  • Our Technical Team investigates technical issues with Moodle software (and its integration with plugins within the MoodleCloud environment). To report an issue, please check our article on Contacting MoodleCloud Support.
  • We outsource dedicated support to a Moodle Certified Service Provider.
  • If you require telephone, video conference or in person support then your local Service Provider may be able to assist you, as MoodleCloud does not offer this service.
  • Moodle Certified Service Provider is an independent company who can provide:
  • training to use Moodle, 

  • advanced customisations or a greater capacity than MoodleCloud allows (by moving to their hosting). 

  • Your Moodle Certified Service Provider is allocated based on your geographical location, but you are free to contact the Moodle Certified Service Provider of your choice from this list
*The MoodleCloud support team does not offer support for self-hosted Moodle software.