How do you become a Moodle Partner or Service Provider

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You can apply to become a Certified Moodle Service Provider or Partner and read about the benefits here

The information below will give you an understanding of what we are looking for in an ideal Moodle Partner candidate. To begin the process, you must complete the online application form for one of our programs:


Moodle Partners sell Moodle-related services to their clients. You do not have to be a Moodle Partner to use Moodle software.


Information about the application process and Moodle Partner programs:


  • Moodle Partners have a deep technical and functional understanding of Moodle.

  • Organisations admitted to the Moodle Partner Certified Services program have considerable experience working with Moodle and delivering Moodle-related services.

  • Candidates must demonstrate a minimum of 1 year experience providing Moodle related services, although successful candidates typically have many years experience.

  • We expect candidates to provide a complete and detailed description of the services they offer in the application form.

  • Selling Moodle related services is the primary activity of Moodle Partners. We will look very carefully at the services your organisation is selling and perhaps even try them as an anonymous customer.

  • Successful applicants are viable businesses and will be able to demonstrate their commitment to the Moodle project through involvement in the Moodle community, development of code, Moodle plugins or similar.

  • Moodle Partners pay an annual fee Territory Registration Fee of AU$5000 plus a 10% royalty on every Moodle related service they sell. Royalties are paid monthly.  Discounts are given in some countries, based on economic activity.

While assessing Partner applications we ask questions related to the financial viability of the company and will request standard financial documents (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, etc) to substantiate. All information will be held in the strictest confidence. We ask these questions because an important responsibility of Moodle Partners is their financial contribution to the Moodle project which is primarily used to fund core code development. Should you decide to proceed with the application, you will be asked to provide financial estimates of the Moodle-related work your organisation invoices.

Candidates must provide the names and contact details for 3 people who have received services from your company and will answer a set of questions from us about their experience with your company.

A primary benefit of becoming a Moodle Partner is the right to use the Moodle name (trademark) and logo to advertise Moodle commercial services (e.g. Moodle hosting, training, consulting, maintenance, etc.) Only Moodle Partners are given permission to use the name and/or logo for this purpose.

We may take other factors into consideration when making decisions about admission to the program: other Moodle Partners in the country or region, longer term business strategies, market conditions, etc.

We don't normally admit educational institutions, NGOs, or other not-for-profit organisations to the program. 


Others benefits of being a Moodle Partner:


  • endorsement of the Moodle Partner on as an authorised and recommended provider of particular services;

  • placing of custom banner advertisements for the Partner on, targeted directly at website users from the same country as the Partner;

  • personal recommendations to clients from other Partners;

  • advertising campaigns for Moodle on Google Ads and other relevant websites;

  • provision of templates (graphics) to be used on the Partner's websites;

  • priority access to Moodle core developers and other Partners via the Partner Forums for support and discussion about the development of Moodle Software and business matters; and

  • priority consideration for the fixing of bugs found in Moodle Software.

To apply, start here:

If you feel you are not qualified for the Moodle Partner program, you may want to consider contacting a Moodle Partner to discuss possible subcontracting working arrangements with them. For a full list of Moodle Partners see


Finally, bear in mind that your organisation may provide services related to Moodle (including such things at hosting, consulting, training, etc.) but you may not use the Moodle name or Moodle logo to promote or advertise your services. Only Moodle Partners are given permission to use the name and logo for this purpose. You may freely use the word "Moodle" (and logo) for most other purposes. We will not process Moodle Partner applications for organisations that don't comply with our trademark policy. For more information, see


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