Logging in to the MoodleCloud Portal is only available to account owners and can be done from your MoodleCloud site or Moodlecloud.com.


There are two ways you can access your MoodleCloud Portal: 

  1. If you're already logged into your MoodleCloud site, click the orange Portal button (on the right-hand side of your site).

  2. Alternatively, go to moodlecloud.com and 
    • Enter your site name (this is your MoodleCloud site name, not the whole site URL). For example, if your MoodleCloud site’s URL is MountOrangeSchool.moodlecloud.com just type MountOrangeSchool as the site name. 
    • Enter your password. To keep things simple, your MoodleCloud site and Portal passwords are the same. Therefore, use the same password to log in to your Moodle site and the Portal.