If a MoodleCloud subscription fails, the site is suspended, then permanently deleted. 

If your subscription payment fails, we will re-attempt payment multiple times before suspending your siteDuring this time you can still log in to the Portal and change your billing details. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your MoodleCloud Portal
  2. Click on the Billing tab for the relevant site
  3. Click on Change payment details
  4. Update your details and click on Save

If your site has already been suspended due to a failed payment, please check the following information:

  • After 3 failed payment attempts - our Technical Team can restore your MoodleCloud site and get it back online for a fee of $100.00 AUD. To access this service please submit a support ticket here.
  • After your site is restored you will be billed for an annual subscription of your most recent Plan. We are not able to downgrade your Plan, you will be charged for your current plan.

You can also recreate your site. You can do this in the MoodleCloud Portal by adding a new site. If you choose this option, the content of the original site will be deleted. 

*MoodleCloud do not keep copies of deleted sites, as all data is permanently removed.