MoodleCloud offers five plans with the same features, each with an increased number of users and an increased file storage allowance

  • You can access our free trial of our Large Plan for 45 days (no credit card required).
  • The Moodle for School packages are no longer available to purchase but if you currently have one, you will be able to stay on your plan for as long as you have a paid subscription. 
  • If you upgrade from a Moodle for School plan to a larger site on one of our new MoodleCloud plans, please note that the following features are no longer available:
  • School theme/MoodleCloud theme
  • Moodle for School URL (the URL will change from to and you will receive a free redirection so existing students aren’t inconvenienced)
  • Group Choice Activity
  • Level up!
  • Quizventure
*See for further details of our new plans.