You can upgrade your MoodleCloud site at any time via the MoodleCloud portal. Once you upgrade, moving to a smaller plan is not possible. Here’s how you can upgrade your plan:

To change your plan:

  1. Log in to your Portal and select the new plan.

  2. Your current Payment method is displayed. If you wish to pay with your current Payment Method click Pay now.
  1. If you want to change your Payment Method click Update payment method. Select Credit Card or PayPal.
  2. If Credit card is selected add your credit card details and click Next to complete your purchase. Click Pay Now to complete your upgrade.

  1. Or Log in to your PayPal account and follow the steps to complete your purchase, then click Pay Now to complete the upgrade.

  1. Your site will take a minute or so to upgrade.
  2. Your additional users and disk space quota will be available immediately.

Subscription plans cannot be downgraded automatically

  • Once you move to a larger plan, moving to a smaller plan from the MoodleCloud Portal is not possible. You have to contact the MoodleCloud Team and request a downgrade. Please refer to the article Contact the MoodleCloud Team for more information.

Calculating the amount payable
If you have a Starter Plan contract that started on 1st April 2022 you pay $150AUD (plus any taxes). Then upgrade your subscription to a Small Plan $500AUD (plus any taxes) from 1st June 2022. The example below excludes any taxes for simplicity sake.
  • $150AUD /12 = $12.50 per month
  • You will get credit for $137.50
  • Because you only have to pay for 11 months of Small Plan (renewal date is 1 April 2023).
  • $500AUD / 12  = $41.66
  • $41.66 x 11 = $458.33
  • $458.33 - $137.50 = $320.83 payable (until 1 April 2023 when $500 is due).
*If you are upgrading from one paid plan to another, you will receive a pro-rata credit on your account based on your renewal date, for the unused portion of your existing subscription.

*You will find all the inclusions of our new plans on the MoodleCloud website.