We would like to inform you that there are some upcoming changes to your MoodleCloud Portal.

  • If you have an existing MoodleCloud Site - log in to your Portal for faster support.
  • If you do not have an existing site - you can submit a ticket by clicking this link and selecting "I am an existing MoodleCloud customer and need to contact support" option in the contact form.

We have implemented a help widget in the MoodleCloud Portal to help guide you to find the right answers in our new knowledge base. Here, you will find the answer to our frequently asked questions.

For existing customers, as admin you can now access support through the orange Help Widget located bottom right of your Portal. To find the right article:

  1. In your MoodleCloud Portal, click the help icon on the bottom right hand side and open the help widget.
  2. This will bring up a search box where you can search for answers to all of our most commonly asked questions without needing to raise a support ticket.
  3. Type in some key words and look for the most suitable article.

The new help widget has replaced the previous Support Tab in the MoodleCloud Portal. The tab has now been removed. In case you can not find an answer to your query, you can still contact our support team via the new widget. To raise a ticket:

  1. Search your query.
  2. Open some of the articles from the results.
  3. If the article does not address your query you can click the Not helpful button that you will find at the end of every article within the help widget.
  4. Fill in the requested information in the contact form and add some screenshots showing the URL if you are reporting an error message in your MoodleCloud site.
*If you need something larger or more customisable than MoodleCloud offers, you are still able to contact a Moodle Certified Service Provider in your region from the Change plan tab in your MoodleCloud Portal.