Unfortunately, MoodleCloud does not have a recycle bin feature. You are unable to restore deleted course activities or courses.

You are recommended to create regular backups of your courses, users and files - and if needed in future can use those to restore. Please note the upload limit of 100MB applies to course restoration files - if your course is larger than this you may need to remove large files - then create a backup file, and save your large files separately.

Course Backup

  1. Visit each individual course and from the Course Navigation options, click More
  2. Click Course Reuse and click on the course you want to Backup
  3. Initial settings - Select activities, blocks, filters and other items as required then click the Next button. 
  4. Schema settings - Select/deselect specific items to include in backup, then click the Next button.
  5. Confirmation and review - Check that everything is as required, using the Previous button if necessary, otherwise click the 'Perform backup' button
  6. Complete - Click the Continue button
  7. A backup file (with distinctive .mbz extension to avoid confusion with .zip files) is then saved in the course backup area. Backup file names are of the form backup-moodle2-course-coursename-date-hour.mbz, ending in -nu.mbz when backed up with no users and -an.mbz with anonymized names. 
  8. Tip: If you are satisfied with the default settings and don't wish to go through all the backup screens, you can simply click 'Jump to final step' to perform the backup. 

Course Restore

  1. From the Manage categories and courses screen, click the arrow next to the chosen category and click Restore (if you have admin or category permissions) or Course navigation > More > Course reuse > Restore if you are restoring into a course.

You can learn more about backup and restore here:

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