If you would like to bring your Moodle site to MoodleCloud you will need to use Course Backup files (.mbz) and restore your courses individually.

Unfortunately, MoodleCloud does not allow full site imports. Instead, to move your Moodle site to MoodleCloud, you can restore courses and upload files.

  • To migrate your Moodle site from a self hosted server to a MoodleCloud site, we recommend that you create Course Backup files, and then Restore them into your MoodleCloud site.
*Please note the upload limit of 100MB applies to course restoration files - if your course is larger than this you may need to remove large files - then create a backup file, and save your large files separately.
  • To keep it simple, we have disabled some features and options that may be available in a self-hosted Moodle install.
  • You are unable to restore an entire site Export file to MoodleCloud, it is designed with an optimal user experience in mind. 
  • Prior to import, you should ensure that your user numbers and file storage size fits within your MoodleCloud Plan limits (before importing). 
  • This includes Course Backup files as each file must be less than 100MB each
  • If you want to Restore a Course file larger than 100MB, you will need to save any images or video or other large files to your computer, and remove them from the course. 
  • Then when the Backup file size is less than 100MB you can Restore it to your MoodleCloud site, and add back in the large files by uploading.

You can learn more about backup and restore here:

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