You can create or add H5P content in your MoodleCloud site. To use this resource:

  1. Go to the course.
  2. Go to the topic.
  3. Click the Turn editing on button.
  4. Click Add activity or resource.
  5. Go to All.
  6. Click H5P.
  7. If you need to create the activity first Click to go to Content Bank.
  8. If you have already created the activityClick on Files, this opens File Picker. Then select Content Bank. Select the activity to insert.

Some H5P types are known to not work in MoodleCloud, these include:

  • for Chat and Talk
  • Audio Recorder - no error but not working
  • Iframe Embedder
  • Timeline (partly works)
  • Twitter User Feed
*H5P is a plugin in our MoodleCloud sites.  If you are having issues with your H5P activities we suggest you get in contact with Joobel (who own the plugin) for support.

For further help resources, you can check the Moodle plugin details here and the H5P forum here.