MoodleCloud uses external services to provide MoodleCloud sites and process billing. 

MoodleCloud is Moodle's off-the-shelf LMS solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • ISO certifications:
  • Data locations:
    • Your data resides in the AWS region you select at signup (either EU [Ireland], Australia [Sydney] or US [Oregon]). 
    • We are unable to move your site’s region after your site has been created, please choose carefully.
  • Data security:
    • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology protocol that safeguards any data sent between two systems by encrypting the data. 
      • All MoodleCloud sites have an SSL certificate. This is managed by Amazon and renewed automatically to ensure your MoodleCloud site’s security (refer to AWS Cloud Security for more information).  
    • Penetration Testing  is authorised hacking where a team of experts interrogate systems to identify any vulnerabilities. 
      • MoodleCloud infrastructure proactively undergoes Penetration Testing on a regular basis to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities.  
  • Subscription data:
    • MoodleCloud customer data is held by Chargebee. Refer to Chargebee's DPA for more information.