The cron service is the service that generates notification emails and the frequency of cron service running varies from site to site. You can find when the crons last ran for your site on the System Status Page.

  • Crons are run by MoodleCloud staff for all MoodleCloud Sites.
  • You can find the details of when the cron last ran for your MoodleCloud site on the System status page:
  1. Go to Site Administration
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click System status 
  4. Click Cron running 
  5. A days/hours/minutes will be displayed (this is the time since cron last ran on your site).
  • You can view and change Maximum Time To Edit Posts setting here: 
  1. Go to Site administration
  2. Under General, click Security
  3. Click Site security settings
  4. Edit Maximum time to edit posts
  • This will reduce the 30 minute wait time, but ultimately it still depends on when cron runs for your site and if you have a MoodleCloud site, this is run by us here at MoodleCloud. 
*Alternatively if you are logged into your site you can append /report/status/index.php?detail=tool_task_cronrunning to your MoodleCloud URL to go straight there.