If you need more users, you can upgrade your plan in your MoodleCloud Portal or talk to your Moodle Certified Service Provider about hosting your own installation.

  • A user is anyone who has a login to your site. This includes students, administrators, teachers and managers.
  • You can also suspend users to not count towards your quota
  • For suspended users you’ll still have their data and will be able to run reports on what they’ve previously completed. 
  • Suspended users will still count towards your user quota if you are on a Moodle for School plan or a legacy Starter Plan (from prior to November 2020). 

If you are unsure what plan you are on, you can find out in your MoodleCloud Portal

*You can only get more users by upgrading to a bigger plan. Our Large plan comes with 1000 users, if you require more, you can find your Moodle Certified Service Provider in the Change plan tab of your MoodleCloud Portal.