The GNU General Public License under which the Moodle LMS software can be used or modified does not include an implied right or license to use Moodle’s trade marks.

The brand and word “Moodle” has trade mark protection in many countries around the world. Various MoodleTM trademarks are owned by either Moodle Pty Ltd or one of its associated entities.

The law obligates trade mark owners to police their trademarks and prevent the use of confusingly similar names by third parties. Through this policy we’d like to make it clear how Moodle-related projects, organisations, and people can use the MoodleTM trademark.

We’d also like to be clear about how use of the word is restricted when used to promote commercial MoodleTM branded services. We do this to protect the very business model that allows us to continue developing our MoodleTM software platform for you.

Please read through our Trademarks Policy for more information.

*Here you can find the Copyright License for Moodle software.