We are phasing out the Moodle for School plans, however you have until December 2022 to switch to one of our new plans. Here are the important details.

When switching to a new plan your courses, files, grades and user data will remain the same.


When you upgrade your Moodle for School plan to one of our new plans, you can access the new quotas:

  • Starter plan includes 50 users and 250MB storage (was previously 200MB).
  • Mini plan includes 100 users and 500MB storage (was previously 200MB).
  • Small plan includes 200 users and 1GB storage (was previously 400MB).
  • Medium plan includes 500 users and 2.5GB storage (was previously 1GB).
  • You can also upgrade to our new Large plan which allows for 1000 users and 5GB storage.

  • There's a new user count (in all plans) that will allow you to suspend users so they don’t count towards your quota, but you’ll still have their data, and will still be able to run reports on what they’ve previously completed.


Your new plan will now be on Moodle 4.0. To find out more about Moodle 4.0, watch the new Moodle 4.0 video and visit the new feature page. For the full list of improvements please take a look at the release notes.


The new plans no longer include the MoodleCloud, Classic and School themes. The Boost theme is now the only available theme and it comes set as default. You can learn more about available themes here:


If you have used custom CSS to style your site, any custom CSS that goes with the School, Classic or MoodleCloud theme also is removed. 

Upon request, our Technical Team can retrieve this code for you. Please note that as the School, Classic and MoodleCloud themes are different to the Boost theme, there is no guarantee that the custom CSS used in the previously listed themes will work in the same way (or at all) when applied to the Boost theme.

The following resources may also be of interest when customising your site:

You can read more about customising CSS herePlease note that it requires some technical skills, and is not something we provide support on at MoodleCloud.


The following plugins are not available in our new plans:

(however you can use H5P activities to create engaging learning experiences). 


Your MoodleCloud site's URL will change (the URL structure will change from sitename.moodle.school to sitename.moodlecloud.com) and you will receive a free domain name redirection so existing students aren’t inconvenienced).


If you don’t choose a new plan for your site by 11th December 2022, we will automatically upgrade your site to the new plan that best suits your site, with storage space and users equivalent to your current plan.