MoodleCloud allows you to choose a custom subdomain. Currently, we do not offer custom domains.

  • You can choose your own subdomain when you sign up for MoodleCloud.
  • If you decide after this to change your subdomain - we offer a paid name change service for paid MoodleCloud sites.
  • To change your site name you need to submit a support ticket (dislike this article and you will see a form appear).
  • To cover the cost and effort of the Technical team, to perform this service we request a donation to help support Moodle open source. Please visit the following link to make your donation: 
  • You can only modify the first part of the URL - - the domain must stay the same ( or 
  • If you are on a school plan you will have in your URL and this cannot be changed unless you upgrade your plan
  • Please note we do not offer a redirection service. If you change your MoodleCloud site name your previous site name/URL will no longer work and will become available for someone else to use.
*If you have a paid MoodleCloud subscription site and would like to change your site name, then please contact us via your MoodleCloud Portal, and we will confirm availability, and issue you with a PayPal invoice.
*It may require some site downtime (up to 30 minutes) and needs to be scheduled. We will ask you to provide the details of your current MoodleCloud site name, the proposed new site name, and a preferred workday you would like the change to occur.