The option to record BigBlueButton sessions is enabled on every MoodleCloud site.

  • On our 45 day Free Trial sites, recordings are available for 7 days after the session finishes.
  • On our MoodleCloud Paid Plans, recordings are available for 1 year after the session has finished.
  • These recordings are stored on the BigBlueButton server and are not downloadable, so they do not count towards your file storage on your MoodleCloud site.
  • To record sessions:
  1. When setting up the BigBlueButtonBN activity, Select the Room/Activity with recordings as the instance type.
  2. Check the box for Session can be recorded.
  3. The Start Recording button will then be available when the BigBlueButton session is started.
  4. This button must be clicked to record the session.
*If you are having issues with your BigBlueButton we suggest you contact Blindside Networks, who own the plugin, by visiting their community pages. You can also read more about our Plugin service here and check our Moodle Forum discussions on using BigBlueButton here.