In MoodleCloud you should use the Feedback activity type to conduct surveys (as well as to collect feedback).


  • The Feedback activity allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback.
  • Unlike the Survey tool it allows you to write your own questions, rather than choose from a list of pre-written questions. And unlike the Quiz tool, you can create non-graded questions
  • The Feedback activity is ideal for course or teacher evaluations
  • Students click on the Feedback icon in the course to access the activity and then they must click the button Answer the questions. (Note: the magnifying glass icon is only for previewing, not for submitting responses.
  • Teachers see the Feedback settings tabs as well as an Analysis tab and Show responses tab. The results may be exported to a spreadsheet program.
  • From the Analysis tab they see a graphical (and text) display of responses.
  • From the Show responses tab they see individual responses in detail.
  • Switching role to Student you can no longer see any submissions.


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