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What is a MoodleCloud site?



  • huynhlanthi

    Hi Chris,

    I am totally new to Moodle. Could you please help me to tell the difference between Moodle and MoodleCloud?

    I've been trying the MoodleCloud, but there are some limited features. I can't see the Plugins Installation, 'cos I would like to install H5P (interactive videos) Plugins in the MoodleCloud. Could you please help me with this?


    Thank you so much

  • Frances Le Page


    We hope you are enjoying you MoodleCloud site!

    MoodleCloud sites have a number of selected plugins installed. To keep the platform simple and stable for all users we do not allow you to install you own plugins at this time.

    Unfortunately H5P is not a plugin that is not installed. The plugin list will grow and continue to be updated. So while MoodleCloud currently does not support the particular plugin you are after, we will record your plugin request and other feedback to inform future work and additions to the system.

    I hope this information helps. 

    Happy Moodling!

    The MoodleCloud Team


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